Creative Art and Craft Class

Classes are design to boost up children’s creative fitness, which it has been disregarded. It aims to enhance the children’s self-expression, individual personality development and creativity.

Classes are conducted according to themes. Each theme takes up a month to complete. Students are introduced to the fine art education, which allows students to explore and experience the various drawing and painting media, namely, charcoal, water colour, acrylics, oil-painting, colour pencils, pencils and markers.

Besides the formal art education, activities such as Literature Circle, Sensory Circle (painting without brushes), Masterpieces Appreciation and crafts making are conducted in the class. These eventually lead students to the multicultural and visual learning experience, which would enhance students to access to language acquisition and cross-cultural education. Simultaneously, it helps enhancing children’s literacy skills. Brain research has shown that the value of integrating the arts and language learning as well as other subjects. The progress of making crafts enhances students’ critical thinking.

Duration: 1 hour

Classes are divided into two(2) age groups:

–   Pre-schooler (3 – 5 years old)

–   Children (6 – 12 years old)