School Term

There are three terms in a year:

Term 1 (Jan-Apr)
Term 2 (May-Aug)
Term 3 (Sept-Dec)
School days: Mondays-Fridays
Half day session: 8.30am-1.00pm
Full day session: 8.30am-6.00pm

* Enrollment is open all year long if there is vacancy in the class.

Age group

There are three age groups in SAL: Junior Venus, Junior Jupiter and Senior Mars.

Junior Venus (2-3 years old)
Junior Jupiter (3-4 years old)
Senior Mars (4-6 years old)



Things to bring in a bag pack

A bottle of drinking water/ juice (please label their names)
A change of clothes
Pull-up diapers, wet wipes, diaper cream (if not toilet trained)

Things NOT to bring to school

Candies / sweets / lollipops / jelly …etc.
Gold / diamond necklaces / bracelets /rings /earring’s

Child’s Personal Hygiene & Care of Self

Short finger / toe nails
Please do not send your child to school if he / she has runny nose, cough or fever.

Child’s Allergy Notice

It is very important that you inform the school of any allergies that your child may have.

Child’s Safety

Please inform the school if there are any changes in person (s) picking your child from school at any time. We will need a note/ letter signed by parents.