Our daughter Qisya was rather a shy girl when it comes to meeting other kids of her age, sometimes, to our worries it seemed like paranoia. But, that was her before joining SAL classes. To our delights, she is now a totally different girl who blends easily to any new environment, thanks to SAL! Another thing worth noted from SAL is that the whole team of the teachers, principal and the rest of the crew always relentlessly go the extra miles.

There were times that Qisya was not in the good mood of going to the classes, but the teachers managed to quickly found out how to sway her mood, which was by dancing to the rhythm, we never knew. Apart from those, we love also the way SAL apply the explorative approach, in a sense that the children are being exposed to a variety of excellent things and they can observe and follow through their interest. It is a very good way to understand and guide them early as parents. We have definitely made the right decision for our daughter and we are sincerely grateful to everyone at SAL.
Indra & Mety

Steps Ahead Learners is a school which allows children to engage in fun-filled activities that develop them as a whole. Our son has made good friends and enjoys his days at school. Thank you SAL!~ Sincerely.
Ilyah from Malaysia

Thank you for welcoming Mirabelle and teaching her since she was only 1 and a half year old. She always loves going to school and she loves the teachers and her friends. Mirabelle has blossomed to a beautiful and happy girl. Thank you for enriching her childhood. – Mirabelle’s Parents
Mirabelle’s Parents

I am very happy with SAL. I find that the teachers are always welcoming and understanding. They are an energetic team. My daughter goes to SAL with pleasure. Thank you to all the teachers for looking after her and teaching her all the new things.
Barbara (France)